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Date: 21st June 2016
0.5ML Microcentrifuge Tube
0.5ML Micro Centrifuge Tubes DNase/RNase free and non-pyrogenic Maximum rotate speed up to 25,Website:,000xg Graduated tube with big frosted writing area This tube is made from high quality virgin PP, autoclavable, and we could supply them as various of colors. VolumeCat#ProductsColorPackage Specification0.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesMT05010.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesNatural10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)MT05020.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesYellow10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)MT05030.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesBlue10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)MT05040.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesPink10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)MT05050.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesOrange10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)MT05060.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesPurple10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)MT05070.5ml Microcentrifuge TubesBrown10000 Tubes/Case (1000/pk, 10pk/case)