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Date: 21st June 2016
0.2ml 96 Wells Half Skirt Nature PCR Plate
"96 wells PCR Plate,Website:, 0.2ml volume of each tube, half skirt, nature colorCertified Dnase, Rnase and Endotoxin freeMade from quality clean virgin polypropyleneAlphanumeric well coding available to further assist in sample storage and organization"AB-02N-G0020.2ml 96 wells Half skirt PCR plateNatural50 Plates/Case (10/pk, 5pk/case)Compatible with the PCR machines are as following: Products AB-02N-G002 Cycler LP ABI 2400 RP Vc 2700 RP V+ 2720 RP V+ 5700 RP V 7000 RP V 7300 RP V+ 7500 RP V+ 7500 Fast LP X 7700 RP V+ 7900 RP V+ 7900 Fast LP X 9600 RP/HP V+ 9700 RP V 9800 Fast LP X StepOne LP X StepOne Plus LP X Veriti RP V+ Veriti Fast LP X 3100 RP V+ 3130 RP V+ 3700 RP V+ 3730/3730X RP V+ Biometra Tpersonal MP 48 Vc T1 MP V+ Tgradient MP V+ T3000 MP Vc Tprofessional MP V+ Trobot MP V+ BioRad GeneCycler RP Vc iCycler RP V iCycler IQ RP V IQ5 RP V MyCycler RP V MyIQ RP V Ptc-100 MP V Ptc-150 MP X Ptc-200 MP V Ptc-225 MP V Opticon LP X Opticon2 LP X MiniOpticon MP Vc Chromo4 MP V C-1000 LP X S-1000 LP X CFX96 LP/RP V CFX384 X Eppendorf MasterCycler MP V MC Gradient MP V MC ep Gradient MP V MC ep Gradient S MO V MC ep Realplex RP V MC Personal 16 X Stratagene Robo-Cycler MP V MX3000P RP V MX3005P RP V MX4000 V Roche LightCycler 480 LP X LightTyper LP X Cycler RP Products red Low Profile cycler (96 x 0.1) LP Low Profile 0,1 ML X Doesn 39;t fit V Fits V+ Most optimal Vc Can be cut to fit Va Requires adaptor to fit ?LP Low profile (0.1 ml volume) ?RP Regular Profile HP High Profile MP accept all profiles